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Datum: 30 May 2016

Zenbo the new home robot from Asus can roam around independently, and take directions by voice command. Goals are assistance, entertainment and companionship,

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tags: Household robot

Datum: 20 May 2016

Otto is a prototype desktoprobot from Samsung that is based on its Internet of Thing (IoT) platform, ARTIK. It is Samsung’s take on Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

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tags: Desktoprobot

Datum: 8 April 2013

How to become a top 5 player on robotics. Outside of South Korea, we have not often seen a country, like France, that really has announced such a concrete and big ambition when it comes to the develoment of robotics.

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tags: Robot service, Europe

Datum: 14 August 2012

At the European AAL Forum 2012 in September 25-27, held in Eindhoven, the CompanionAble project and its social robot will be live demonstrated in the ‘Smartest Home of the Netherlands’

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tags: Care robot, Events, Robots in the Netherlands

Datum: 30 January 2012

The swinglet CAM is an easy-to-use flying camera weighing a mere 500 grams. It is completely autonomous so that no piloting skills are required to operate it.

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tags: Robot tools

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