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Disco robot Tosy DiscoRobo

Datum: 28 January 2012

This dancing robot called Tosy DiscoRobo causes with impressive moves in any case a better atmosphere. The LED eyes let you know if he is really enjoying himself

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tags: Robot Entertainment

Succesful pool-playing robot

Datum: 20 June 2011

A succesful pool-playing robot. Thomas Nierhof,master student at the Technical University of Munich has created an automated opponent with a success rate of around 80%.

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tags: Sports robot

Datum: 21 January 2011

TankBot is a miniature toy tank that can operate with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You can control the movements of TankBot through an app using the accelerator with the iPhone.

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tags: Gadget

Coconatch robot gadget makes twitter alive

Datum: 28 December 2010

Coconatch robot is a gadget that comes to life by lighting and performing a wobblyHappy Dance when you receive a message from Twitter.

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tags: Robot and Internet

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