Robots will improve our lives Robots. Should we be afraid of them or are they fantastic? Do they help us or will they take away our jobs? Do they give us strength or are they a threat? At we challenge the world to look at robots in a new way.

Just like the Internet, computers and mobile phones changed our lives substantially, robots will improve our lives in the future. They will play a role as an assistant, protector, friend or caregiver in our daily lives. For convenience and fun in every-day activities to being able to live an independent life and providing safety and care.

From complexity to ease of use

We are at the frontier of a new revolution that requires us to explore the possibilities of robots with an open mind. To transform complex technologies into inspiring, playful and accessible solutions. is an entrepeneurial and media platform for companies, professionals and investors who want to develop interesting business propositions and bring user friendly solutions to the market.

Role of

We work together with organisations who think of robots and exponential technology as the Next Big Future. Together with passionate robot entrepreneurs, we help develop robot solutions that will play a useful role in our daily lives.


Entrance the European robotmarket

Entrance the European robotmarket

Entrance to the European market

The Netherlands is often used as a trial market to test products and concepts for Europe. The Internet penetration is high (90% coverage), people are generally technology savvy and open to new initiatives. Most people speak English. With 17 million people the country is relatively small and distribution and infrastructure is well arranged.

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