Tux Droid

Tux Droid
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The Penguin Kysoh Tux Droid is a smart companion that can help a lot happens on the computer. He does this with animated penguin robot behavior as his flippers mouth and eyes move. Guests may also interact via the input device will be done on your computer. It's a smart robot that your internet and computer takes life to the next level. It makes your digital life easier and amuse rather than fatigue.

Nice features robot penguin Tux Droid

  • It can talk or sing through his speaker in over 10 languages through text-to-speech software.
  • He can also listen to you with his microphone.
  • The Tux Droid does his special bionic eyes. It is composed of light sensor, IR receiver.
  • It's easy to check with a remote control. IR receiver, IR transmitter and two blue LED eyes 

Working method Tux Droid



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