ZenBo the home robot

Datum: 30 May 2016 - Service robots -
ZenBo the home robot

Zenbo the home robot can roam around independently and take directions by voice command. ZenBo's face also acts as a touchpad interface: you'll be able to place video calls, shop online, as well as stream video content.

Functionality Zenbo

With the goals of "assistance, entertainment and companionship," it's particularly aimed at older people. However, the most interesting feature here is the promise that the robot will connect with traditional and smart home devices: you'll be able to check who's at the door from a connected camera, and then remote-unlock the door from the robot's face. Zenbo will be able to connect to lights, TVs, air conditioners and other smart home devices.

Zenbo Home robot

Support for care

It's still early days, but ASUS says ZenBo will offer spoken reminders to its owners, like doctor appointment and medication cues. It'll also be able to send emergency messages to family members if someone falls down — you can even take control of the robot and check the situation from ZenBo's built in camera.

On the market

According to Asus Zenbo will come on the market for $ 599 , but it is still unclear when that will happen, in which countries and what languages the robot will speak. Asus also supports een SDK kit for external developers. So we have to wait what de exact functionality will be.

Source : Engadet - asus-zenbo-robot


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